Welcome to the Lee MPO’s Interactive TIP

The Lee MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a comprehensive list of federal, state and locally funded transportation projects. All modes of transportation are included in the TIP. This includes transit, roadways, bridges, aviation, seaport, rail and commuter rail, bicycle facilities, pedestrian provisions, and enhancement projects like landscaping and greenways.

The Florida Department of Transportation’s Work Program is used to produce the Lee MPO's five-year TIP.

Produced annually, the TIP is known as a short-range plan because it allocates resources and dollars over each upcoming 5-year period by project phase. Project phases from concept to completion include:

Planning (PLN)
Project Development and Environmental Study (PD&E)

Preliminary Engineering (PE)
Right of Way Acquisition (ROW)

Construction (CST)
Construction, Engineering and Inspection (CEI)

Maintenance (MNT)

The purpose of developing a TIP is to develop a staged, 5-year, program of transportation projects which is consistent with the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Major projects that eventually get programmed into the TIP generally begin as ideas many years earlier, sometimes decades earlier. These ideas may be first thought of and included in the Lee MPO's adopted LRTP, which covers a 20-25 year time span. As time passes, potential projects that remain viable gradually move closer to being included in the TIP through the LRTP's financially constrained prioritization process.


The TIP abounds with data that is used by planners and engineers such as total funding by funding source; lane and center line mileage completed by type of work; major projects completed, underway, and delayed; and current adopted priority lists of unfunded projects. The Lee MPO adopts the TIP at the June MPO Board meting.

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